International Migrants’ Day 2011

listen liveToday is International Migrants Day. Join us for Radio 1812 today, Sunday 18th December.

You can also listen live and download audio from the main website at

You can also tune in to programmes from the UK from this website – check out the Schedule for times and details.

We hope you can join us!


Soundart Radio – Caroline Lakin talks to young people about her visit to Tunisia

In August 2011, Soundart Radio 102.5fm ran a summer radio club for local children to learn broadcasting skills. Each day we focused on a different theme. On our ‘Journeys’ day the children made books about a journey of their own to talk about on air and also interviewed a guest. Their guest, Caroline Lakin, has been a frequent visitor to Tunisia for several years, where, with her partners in the South Devon Multicultural Forum, she has run creative workshops in many different settings, as well as bringing items and stories back home to share with Devon people.

Since the Arab Spring uprisings earlier this year, Caroline visited refugees from Libya on the Libya/Tunisia border and spent time with them making books, bags and more from found materials, and recording interviews for broadcast. In this interview, children aged 8-11 discuss her experiences in Tunisia and listen to recordings made there.

~ Click on the link to listen: Soundart Radio summer radio club – Caroline Lakin talks about her visit to Tunisia
    (on Soundcloud)

Plus: Tune in live to Soundart Radio from 10am GMT on Sunday 18th December, for a new interview with Caroline Lakin and Oliver Tringham, who has visited the area since then. Part of Radio 1812 2011.

Schedule – 2011

We’ve just updated the schedule for programmes from the UK for Radio 1812 in 2011.
For details, please see below.

~ ~ Update: details of Radio 1812 in 2012 will follow shortly.

On Sunday 18th December, you can listen to Radio 1812, a radio marathon of programmes from all around the world to mark International Migrants Day.

listen liveFrom this website we’ll be streaming and simulcasting a range of programmes from around the UK as part of this global event.

Radio 1812 on Sunday 18th December – contributions from around the UK
Programmes and items from UK radio groups and stations, some simulcast, some streamed online only.
NB: details and times are subject to change without notice

listen live10.00 am  Radio 1812 on Soundart Radio
A special programme from Soundart Radio for Radio 1812, including guests Caroline Lakin and Oliver Tringham, about their visits to Tunisia. You can also click here to listen to an earlier programme in which Caroline Lakin discusses her visit to Tunisia with children as part of the Soundart Radio summer radio club.
Simulcast from Soundart Radio

listen live12 noon   Radio 1812 on Resonance FM
Debbie Golt aka DJ Debbie presents a half hour special as part of Radio 1812. She is joined by Anna Nguyen and Greg Bartlett of Silent Shout Theatre discussing their play ‘A Dream from a Bombshell’ which weaves together the lives of 3 women seeking a better life in England after growing up in war torn Vietnam and Anna’s own Vietnamese heritage. And by musician and activist Lilas La Fleur of Congolese heritage whose new CD – Girlfriend is released to support Women’s Aid and Objectif Congo – giving support to women leaving violent situations in UK and raising awareness of women’s situation in the Congo.
More information can be found on the Outerglobe website and Facebook page.
Simulcast from Resonance FM.

listen live3.00 pm  Radio 1812 on Soundart Radio
Simulcast from Soundart Radio

5.00 pm   Camden Unlocked from Camden Community Radio
listen liveIn this special edition of Camden Unlocked for Radio 1812, Camden mum, Cina Aissa, whose own heritage is mixed French and North African, goes looking for migrants. She visits the Migrant Resource Centre in Victoria and is impressed by both staff and users. She visits the Platforma Festival where art and conversation are used to give expression to the experiences of a wide range of migrants and refugees. Alex McDonnell, who supports Irish migrants through the Aisling Project, tells Cina how it works – and a Chinese key cutter in Kentish Town shares the origin of the signs he makes to deal with his quirky customers. Finally, she hears from a white British mum about her take on the presence of migrants in Camden. Hear what she makes of it all.
Streamed from this website and downloadable from the Camden Community Radio website.

6.00 pm   Women and migration
listen liveMembers of Women’s Radio Group and former trainees on the PEARLS radio training course at Desi Radio with a special programme for International Migrants Day.
Streamed from this website with some items downloadable from the WRG broadcast website.

listen live7.00 pm   Reports from the Platforma Festival of arts and refugees
From London Link Radio, Refugee Week Radio and SOAS Radio.
Artists, speakers and participants at the first Platforma Festival on arts and refugees in Bethnal Green, London, during late November and early December. Almir Koldzic explains the aims and scope of the Festival, which included the Counterpoint multi-disciplinary art event, a two-day conference and several live spoken and musical performances. Including interviews with contributing artists Robyn Appleton, Ania Bas, Richard Dedomenici, Abol Froushan with Ali Abdolresaei, Faith Pearson, Anna Sherbany and Iseult Timmermans, plus PhD research student Tom Croll-Knight.
Streamed from this website with some items downloadable from the Platforma website.

Take part in Radio 1812

Calling all community radio stations, groups and individual volunteers.

Radio 1812 is a transnational radio marathon for International Migrants Day on Saturday 18th December, co-ordinated by the Brussels-based NGO December 18. 2011 is its sixth year.

As part of the overall Radio 1812, London Link Radio is running this UK co-ordinating and publicity website. We’ll also be streaming from here on the day itself.

We do hope you’ll take part in some way.
You don’t have to be streaming/broadcasting on the actual day – you could either:
~ clip non-copyright selection(s) from earlier show(s) and send them to us to stream as part of our schedule on Sat 18th December.
~ clip non-copyright parts and add them yourselves to the Radio 1812 main website as audio on demand.
~ list a show which you might be streaming on a date close to 18th Dec as a special for International Migrants Day – we would make a link from our website to the your website for full details
~ put audio on demand on your own website and let us know the details

Contributions from individual volunteers are also welcome. eg. to take part, you could pre-record an interview or collect voxpops in your area.

There are no set themes, but this year we suggest the following as highlights:
~ personal stories from migrants and their new communities, whether here or elsewhere
~ creative writing, poetry etc from people with personal experience of migration
~ push and pull factors in migration (push=factors driving people from somewhere, pull=factors attracting people to somewhere)
~ environment/climate change as a push factor – stories from people who have experienced and migrated from environmental degradation in their homeland
~ ‘Point of Entry’ : voices from areas with a high proportion of migrants because of something in their area (a port, an airport, a Border Agency office or centre etc)

Please contact us as soon as possible with your plans/ideas and we’ll include you in the list of those taking part.
~ focus on the local, the concrete and the human stories involved
~ short and simple pieces can be very effective – indeed, if delivered early they are more effective than highly crafted pieces delivered at the last minute!

Items can be published on this website and/or the main Radio 1812 website as soon as they are ready. Anything published early is more likely to get picked up and used by other radio stations as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.
London Link Radio