Take part in Radio 1812

Calling all community radio stations, groups and individual volunteers.

Radio 1812 is a transnational radio marathon for International Migrants Day on Saturday 18th December, co-ordinated by the Brussels-based NGO December 18. 2011 is its sixth year.

As part of the overall Radio 1812, London Link Radio is running this UK co-ordinating and publicity website. We’ll also be streaming from here on the day itself.

We do hope you’ll take part in some way.
You don’t have to be streaming/broadcasting on the actual day – you could either:
~ clip non-copyright selection(s) from earlier show(s) and send them to us to stream as part of our schedule on Sat 18th December.
~ clip non-copyright parts and add them yourselves to the Radio 1812 main website as audio on demand.
~ list a show which you might be streaming on a date close to 18th Dec as a special for International Migrants Day – we would make a link from our website to the your website for full details
~ put audio on demand on your own website and let us know the details

Contributions from individual volunteers are also welcome. eg. to take part, you could pre-record an interview or collect voxpops in your area.

There are no set themes, but this year we suggest the following as highlights:
~ personal stories from migrants and their new communities, whether here or elsewhere
~ creative writing, poetry etc from people with personal experience of migration
~ push and pull factors in migration (push=factors driving people from somewhere, pull=factors attracting people to somewhere)
~ environment/climate change as a push factor – stories from people who have experienced and migrated from environmental degradation in their homeland
~ ‘Point of Entry’ : voices from areas with a high proportion of migrants because of something in their area (a port, an airport, a Border Agency office or centre etc)

Please contact us as soon as possible with your plans/ideas and we’ll include you in the list of those taking part.
~ focus on the local, the concrete and the human stories involved
~ short and simple pieces can be very effective – indeed, if delivered early they are more effective than highly crafted pieces delivered at the last minute!

Items can be published on this website and/or the main Radio 1812 website as soon as they are ready. Anything published early is more likely to get picked up and used by other radio stations as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.
London Link Radio


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